Play on, Play on, Play on…..

Every once in a while there is a song that you hear, usually in an elevator, and think, how was this popular. Some of it is that the album was popular, or the artist was well liked but you just don’t get the song. Then there are songs that you hear at an event or party and realize it’s the same song you heard in those elevator, but because the music has words, and there is a little more substance to it, you groove to it for the moment and then the song is gone. Until the next time. Some songs just are the perfect ones for beach events, or just little backyard gatherings and this is one of them. Steel Raccoon is the go to for the conversations that are like sipping on a tropical cocktail, and preparing to take a dip into the pool. We are familiar, and we are the first ones there and last ones to leave. Ready to help you clean up and prepare for the next get together. Whether you are having a small gathering (low volume orders) or hosting a gala event on the beach (Huge marketing campaigns) we are ready for the volume and more so, making sure that everyone drinks responsible. We just can’t dance as well as Jimmy.

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