Yo Perro Sola

We are close to the end of the month and Bad Bunny arrives on the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist. “Yo Perro Sola” is a celebration of independent women that dance alone. Did you know that the Women make up an overwhelming majority of customer service workers in the United States?

Women are genuinely known to be better listeners, express more empathy, and show great patience. All three of these categories are important when providing customer support. At Steel Raccoon, we go further and make sure that Women have representation in our leadership. If you want to make a family atmosphere you need more than a couple of Dads running the shop so to speak.

Our very first hire was a fearless women with years of high end customer support under her belt. I cannot think of a better way to help shape the culture of our company with the right women at the table. I welcome you to learn more about our diversity and approach to business. Our female and male agents are ready to provide next level service to your customers.

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