So Far Away

Take out your lighter and raise it up!!! Pretty much nothing like a little 80’s glam rock. Out of control insanity at it’s best. Throwing TV’s out of your hotel room, and all the insane and probably inappropriate content that’s sang about. Everything about living through this time still makes me smile. A lot of people don’t really take into consideration what the songs are actually about. This particular one really takes you through adventures that was shared by the band, while mostly girls, drugs and what rockers would consider cool, it really is a journey to finding yourself through what is out there and taking chances no matter what. Every new campaign, ever new product or service is seeking that journey, searching for the best audience and looking for the perfect niche to help identify itself. Steel Raccoon helps with finding the voice for the people that come across the path. Offering friendship and advice to visitors that are based on the uniqueness of what you have to offer. On top of it all, we love partying with you. Learning more about you and your brand is one of the foundations to Steel Raccoons success. Whether it’s vodka and tots, or a cup o’ joe we want to learn about what makes you tick.. and what makes you rock!! We want to go, we want to go, oh won’t you please take us home!!!

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