Power, Money, Minutes and Hours

There are 3 types of movies I just can’t pass up. Good, bad or indifferent I will watch them. The first one is a feel good sports movie, doesn’t really matter the sport, some of my favorite random ones I’ve watched were just track or swimming movies (though football and basketball movies are prob my fave), the next is a lawyer movie, if there is some humor in it even better. Finally is a “teacher” movie. Whether it is a teacher helping students, or just about a teachers life and hardships, it’s for me. All three of these usually have a pretty common theme. Someone is down and needs help and someone is trying to get over on them (or they are doubting themselves) I believe that is why I relate to these types of movies, you know down but not out kind of thing. I relate a lot of these themes to work and how we build something from nothing, or that someone is struggling with an offer and making it work. I always feel that there are small changes that can be made to improve engagement or finding that perfect voice for the audience that is being targeted. I also know that Steel Raccoon was formed solely because of this. Being placed aside in the industry we have risen to make sure that we are providing the best customer service and have marketing and web consulting along to help every aspect of a project become better. Steel Raccoon takes the audience and forms the path for the highest amount of success. Incoming or outgoing calls, chat, email support or anything in between or outside the box, we are able to help. It’s what we do.. and where we’ve spent most of our lives. Ready to help you build and succeed.

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