Sunday Morning (on a Tuesday)

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today we are showcasing the No Doubt hit “Sunday Morning.” Its a great opportunity to talk about what happens when the traffic comes and you are not prepared from a Customer Service level. The song goes talks about how you can experience change with little or no warning. I mean.. “I thought I knew you!”.

I hear from many advertisers that they prefer to have their internal team manage customer support during the initial testing phase of an offer. Many times this is a duel responsibility with many Operations Manager’s carrying the load for customer service. Its makes sense at first because your daily sales are manageable.

And then Sunday Morning comes. A big time affiliate has caught wind of your offer and pushing some series traffic. You see the sales coming in and are elated, urging them to continue the traffic boom. Here’s the problem, the person managing your customer support now has more responsibilities outside of helping a customer or taking a phone call to complete a sale. Meanwhile your daily sales are skyrocketing and the hours and sometimes days that your customer waits for a response pile up. This creates a bad environment that leads to chargebacks and lost sales opportunities.

Your bank is now concerned about the amount of sales coming in and the rise of returns. They may even put a cap on what you can process daily. All of these are death blows to momentum and your Affiliates will be gone before you even know what that small success felt like.

When you are working with a great Outsourced Call Center like Steel Raccoon, you have a team ready to scale with you at a moment’s notice and be able to help navigate the new waters of being a hit offer just like you dreamed. This is going to keep the the motivation going for your traffic sources and we can help you maximize all your metrics to really ensure that you’re getting the margins that are necessary for long term sucess.

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