The Godzilla of Hip Hop

In many circles, Eminem is considered on the best rappers to hit the stage. His lyrical dexterity is unmatched but I think it’s the clarity to his flow that has earned him so much positive response from his fans and critics. Fast or slow, he makes sure you understand each verse.

Your customers want this from their interaction with your company. They want to feel connected and understood when they speak to a representative of your company. They also want to be able to hear clearly everything that is being said to them. They listen to make decisions and build the trust to consider if your company has earned their dollar.

If your customer is fighting to hear a agent overseas with a bad connection the odds of them buying something just went out the window. Using a United States Call Center is the right decision especially if you are targeting USA demographics. You’ll have a better connection to perform service but you’ll maintain the familiarity that the customer so desperately wants.

Its possible that your per minute rate may seem like a discount now but what happens when this decision leaves your company stagnant? What happens when your customer service team cannot effectively sell? It sure makes it difficult to scale and grow at the minimum. At minimum, you’re going to be in hot water with your processing for the amount of returns.

Steel Raccoon is your best solution for USA based support and sales.

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