One Time at Band Camp

Yep, I am a band dork. If you knew me you would totally know that. Marching band, Jazz band, concert band, I’ve done it. I was never that good, but I had a lot of fun.. I started playing the trumpet when I was in 4th grade to get out of class and do something different, and it stuck. In high school we had an arrangement of this song that was led by the trumpets, there was a drive, and it was super fun. I don’t even know how to describe it. I never knew the words to the song, just knew the way our Jazz band played it and the smiles we had when we finished. Maynard Ferguson is my favorite trumpet player and the version he does, matches with what we did back in the band, and really this version is the only thing I knew. I checked out the other version (Three Dog Night) and it’s just not the same vibe. Telling a story that you never know what adjustments can be made, and what voice makes a difference to others. Your customers come from different walks of lives, they have different stories, and they want to hear something that relates to them. Steel Raccoon makes sure that all of our agents are trained to identify the best voice that is needed for your customers needs. Whether it’s informational, listening to concerns or teaching more about a product or service, our voice adapts to the need that comes in. Phone, chat, or email… we know they are coming, and more than happy to help Eli and all of their friends.

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