Wu Tang Aint Nuthin ta F Wit

If you’ve stuck around for my short series on how hard of a 9-5 that Internet Marketing actually is, thank you! I’ve gotten so much feedback from friends for speaking the truth about how Wild West of an industry this market still very much is. Great riches are possible with the right effort and execution.

Wu Tang is Forever, Wu Tang is World Wide and yes… Wu Tang Aint Nuthin ta F Wit! Did I pick this song because I wanted to see how far I can stretch the business blog sector with a target F word? Well that’s a far assumption but more than that, I wanted to celebrate how when you collaborate with the right group of people you can make your rise to the top much easier and set yourself up for global domination.

Method Man, Ghost Face Killa, RZA, GZA, ODB and more make up the original Wu Tang Clan. Many of these talented rappers went on to have great success as solo artists and even took over Hollywood through TV and Film. Their apparel is sold world wide and even in the digital meta verse. Today, decades later they are still known for being most powerful as a unit.

As an advertiser, you need to also have the crew to make things happen. An operations genius, a traffic guru, a versatile tech team, and customer support to keep the wheels moving through all stages of the business growth.

The priority is always the traffic so when the emails and voicemails back up from trying to do the work yourself it just becomes unmanageable and you’ll soon find yourself in trouble with your processing for having surging refunds and chargebacks. Getting your MIDS shut down is the black kiss of death in this industry.

Take a look at your partners today. Do they have the combined skillset to make your company the worldwide leader? In 20 years from now will your products still be seen in such high regard? Will your legacy be one that was too good to F with? You didn’t jump into this game to be second best so its time to act like a true player in the industry with the support team that was customer built with you in mind.

As an editor’s note. This ends our mini series within a Spotify Playlist series. I’ll still be back for the remainder of the month packed with brutally honest advice and amazing jams to keep your day productive.

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