Internet Marketing Superstar

There are a lot of sharks out there looking to get a bit of something. A lot of chameleons trying to change up anytime something new comes along. Everyone wants a bite. We continue on the matter of how internet marketing can be the hardest 9-5 you’ll ever have. It also marks the addition of Cypress Hill to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist.

You soon learn in modern internet marketing that most people will simply copy what works or emulate previous campaign success. The peaks don’t last very long and sometimes you just get lucky. Once you hit success you’ll have a slew of knock off landers being launched to steal your audience. They literally can lift all your copy, image placement, and the blueprint that brought you success. However, there is one thing that you’ll always have the upper hand against these copy cats. And that is solid customer service team.

The right partner in place is going to help you remain competitive during this attack on your offer. Being able to have a higher AOV and lower refund rates will set you apart financially to be able to be cut throat competitive in paying out your traffic sources. You’ll be creating longterm customers with proper support and quick response times. An outbound team only will assist in this goal by maximizing your daily revenue through abandon cart and declined engagement.

Getting your company to a level of success is already a challenge. Please understand that with great success creates big money problems. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it right?

We have one more chapter in this series. Enjoy Cypress Hill today and I’ll see you on the 18th for the last thoughts on this short series.

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