More 80’s Montage Music Please

OMG!!! I finally get to write about Rocky. I know, weird to be so excited about it but let me tell you. I am going to someday write a thesis about how all the Rocky movies including Creed are interlocked about life, and how to deal with diversity and get through things. I can’t even think of songs now that are written specifically for a movie, but did you know that instead of this song, Sly wanted to use Another One Bites the Dust by Queen instead but couldn’t get permission to use it. Instead it became the biggest hit for Survivor and I can’t imagine another song to lead Rocky III. This has more than just the simple theme of the little guy making it big when given a chance. This is getting up from adversity, when losing makes you stronger, and fighting personal battles before letting work life take over. This is fighting past losing something and still having to move forward, and finding a way to believe in yourself when nothing makes sense. As marketers we have had all these thoughts and have seen some things that are good and that are bad. When we think of ways that we can improve what we are doing, the first thing is communication. From better vision to guide a customer to a decision, making sure that the UI makes sense and is easy and then giving enough information to make a decision to sign up. What happens from there? WE HAPPEN! With intro calls, to thank then for their purchase, Abandoned Cart calls, to answer any questions about why a purchase wasn’t made, and taking incoming calls to help answer questions or to order more product. Steel Raccoon provides an all in approach to customer service not only just being there for the customer, but helping make sure that all the steps to getting to the customer are followed and clear so that way when a decision is made there is no confusion. Changing our stance and going from southpaw to normal, and becoming a boxer instead of a fighter helps get you the connection to make the relationship between company and customer work, and to keep the Eye of the Tiger 😉

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