Like Kobe in the Fourth

I can barely remember before youtube was huge, and that social media took over and invented influencers. Back when people actually cared about what American Idol was doing, and to be a celebrity you actually had to have something to show. Enter Justin.. some kid singing songs for the internet, sitting on the steps in front of his house in Canada, just singing to a camera, getting view after view. Next thing you know, he’s plastered everywhere. Like him or not, this was the introduction to making yourself on “social”. This became not only something new, but the foundation to what was coming up and now we have people that are solely famous because of their followers and how they promote. We know that you are doing everything you can to promote your product or service. Making sure that everyone that should know about what you are doing can find where to sign up and make it part of their lives. Ring ring, the calls come in and there is no one to answer, or someone answers and then doesn’t have the information that is requested. Steel Raccoon always works with their clients to understand their products and services, so we can relay any information back to someone that contacts us. Training about every aspect of the product is important and is one of the many ways that we have improved our clients with upsells, or bundles that they wouldn’t have purchased without the conversation with someone that calls. We also are trained to listen and take confusion or conflict and help understand where the issues are and solve them. When the pressure is on, we’ve got ice water in our veins. Calm, cool and collect for you

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