Enter Sandman

No click bait title needed here! Metallica really created a classic with “Enter Sandman”. You hear the iconic guitar riff and its off to never never land. It’s commercial heavy metal at its finest, an Apex predator of jock jams, and likely the most covered song in modern music. Whenever I attend a live musical festival its common that one of the talented performers takes crack at revisiting this definitive song.

Recently I discovered that you can basically attend Coachella virtually via their partnership with YouTube. If you can tell by our recent play lists I enjoy a variety of music and learned about some new unique and ambitious musical artists. It was a fun 3 day weekend of music and I hope to introduce more as we continue this journey of music and customer insights.

One of these standouts was Rina Sawayama and as you can guess… laid out one of the better versions of Metallica’s classic in recent memory. And it now joins our Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist for your listening pleasure.

Now this article is not just about my love of heavy metal classics. Its an opportunity to touch on how Customer Service really amplifies your sales goals. Customers like to have the familiarity and a feeling of trust before fully committing. Just like the riffs of the guitar create an ease of mind in “Enter Sandman” we begin our introduction to your customers with comfort. We listen and ask probing questions to create a willingness to assist and it opens up the chance to have deeper conversations about the product or service we proudly support.

These types of engaging conversations is what you want from your Customer Service partner.

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