No More Parties in LA

Kayne West has been known for many things (good and bad) but in this track he somehow manages to make the glitz and glamour of Los Angeles and the problems that arise from celebrity to be relatable to the listener. Let’s be direct here, 99% of his fans have never owned the cars, clothing, and jewelry that’s rapped about in his songs. It’s really a secret power that Kayne has with his music. Bringing the fan closer to his reality and connecting on his level. Building a picture that the listener can relate to.

Steel Raccoon is not trying to make pop culture headlines but we work around the clock to elevate your customers thought process to match the product or service that is being sold. We want them to picture themselves with your product and see a better future that is promised become a possible reality.

Imagine speaking to a 350 pound customer and helping them build a future of running along the beach with their grandkids, as a result of your Diet program. By answering questions and framing the customer for success has multiple benefits. You’ll gain the trust of the customer which will lead to a higher chance of retention and improves the chance of a side or upsell to the transaction.

Understanding the position your customer is at currently is key to completing a sale. The copy on your website is outstanding and built for a broader audience. It take a key team to be able to help bridge customers personal goals to the results that your advertising.

Steel Raccoon is your best bet for customer satisfaction and retention. Paws down!

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