Keeping Up With The Jonas’

As a father of a then preteen when the Jo Bros first came out, I avoided the Disney bubble gum pop music. (I had to deal with 1D however as the Mrs liked them too) They were super huge, then they like most young artist groups, stopped. They went different directions, a solo career, another band and family life were directions that were taken. While Joe was the one everyone knew, they had this amazing guitar player, she crushed every song with energy and just a passion for the music along with just a super fun vibe while performing. I was lucky enough to see a few songs live as they opened for another artist that my preteen liked and we were able to go to. Such an amazing show. Then years later, they (Jo Bros) made a come back and within their tour, but they still played this song, and that same guitar player exploded on the scene and on their firework flying last date on their tour at the Hollywood Bowl, wow’d the crowd. I don’t know if you know this or not, but we are making a comeback. With years of customer service and call center experience, Steel Raccoon comes back offering what our past jobs could not. Reality based customer service, with a no bull approach. Always representing your brand and product in a light that spans from mom and pop start ups to fortune 500 corporations. We make sure that your cake is not only something you can have, but something you can eat as well.

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