You Know that I’m Toxic

Who doesn’t love Britney Spears? Today we bring the classic pop song “Toxic” to the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist.

Did you know that a majority of BPO Call Centers are Toxic working environments? You’d be shocked to see what former employees have to say about your Call Center partners in their Glassdoor reviews. Aside from a compliant of overall bad training and employee investment, you’ll discover that most of the Call Centers in the direct marketing space have the worst turn over and low job satisfaction.

This is a result of poor leadership at the top and the lack of care for the individuals who work for them. The pandemic only made this divide more clear. The result is terrible service for your hard earned money. When you allow your toxic workplace to fester it ends up pushing away your best agents and sales people. Leaving just the terrible agents to run the asylum and harming your business in the long term.

If you have noticed a dip in your response times, AOV, or general quality assurance; I would highly suggest taking a look at what your Call Center partner’s former employees have to say about the organization.

I’ve spoken time and time again how great and impactful service begins with the front line agent taking to your customers. If the agent is only staying with the company for a consistent paycheck, you’ll soon discover that the service you’re getting for your investment is going in the wrong direction.

Whats the solution? Working with the right partner who can inspire and cultivate great people is a start. At bare minimum, I would be asking a lot of questions and do my own research on the day to day life being hidden behind flashy websites and conference presence.

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