Deep Cover

Fat Joe and Biggie Smalls make their debit on the “Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist.” A street anthem about putting yourself in the right situation for success. Any experienced advertiser will tell you that when the traffic finally came and their product was flying off the shelfs they were absolutely overwhelmed by the wave of customer service that follows.

The pitfalls of not being prepared for an onslaught of customers are clear. You’ll have a surge in Chargebacks from the lack of responses and as a team you’ll feel constantly behind. How can you possible catch up? Pausing traffic to your site certainly isn’t the solution. With a customer service under duress how do you staff the live chat on your sales page?

The entire ecosystem of the sales process goes beyond having flashy copy and enticing landing pages. You need a crew that’s ready to go to war with you and get the results necessary for your continued growth. Our Raccoons are ready to serve.

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