Common Customer Service Issues

The number of happy customers a company has tells how successful it is. Any business owner would give anything in the world to make sure his brand has no disgruntled customers. However, it’s a tough row to hoe.

It’s not easy because it requires a lot of patience on the part of service agents to handle all types of customers. There could be people who just wouldn’t get satisfied no matter how hard they try.

However, sometimes these service agents just end up making a customer furious by not understanding their needs and responding harshly. This is the last thing a business owner would want from their customer service personnel; to have a customer walk away just because their problem was not handled positively.

So, what are the most common complaints business owners receive concerning their service agents?

Here are the top 3 we found out on the internet.

1. Rude and insensitive behavior

Consider yourself stepping into a shop only to be confronted by a salesperson who seems absolutely indifferent to your concerns or queries. Would you still be interested in their products or feel more compelled to leave?

It is even more frustrating when you call a customer service rep and he doesn’t seem to be interested in listening to your problem let alone solving it. This type of rude behavior is simply not acceptable in the world of customer service.

The best way to deal with customers is to listen to their problems and then offer an apology even if it’s not the company’s fault. And then look at possible solutions so they can end the call feeling satisfied.

One thing that you need to tell your service reps is never to be in a hurry to end a call. Even if there are many customers waiting online, try to solve the problem of the one online and after making sure they are now satisfied, move on to the next one in line.

2. Long wait on hold

This is another common complaint by customers when they have to wait for a lot of time to have their call answered. Of course, it’s really frustrating and you simply cannot stay glued to the telephone all afternoon for the rep to answer.

The metric is known as Average Time on Hold (ATH) and the shorter it is, the better. Most customers do not wait for more than 2 minutes before hanging up if their call was not picked up by the agent. So, make sure your ATH is less than 2 minutes and there are many service agents to handle the load.

If the customer demand is low but you’re still hearing this complaint, it could possibly be because of the lack of automation in your call center. Make sure you are using the latest and most robust call center software to optimize your team’s efficiency.

3. No first-call resolution

Most customers want their problems to be resolved right there and then. Sometimes it’s not possible because the agent may need to forward the request to the sales team or product managers but many a time, the customer service rep should be able to satisfy the caller.

Make sure your reps are equipped with the right tools and have adequate knowledge of your product or service. Some complaints are so common that the reps know exactly how to solve them in a jiffy.

If your agents are able to offer a first-call resolution, it not only reduces the burden on your team but also makes sure you have an increased number of happy customers.

In case your agents are not able to offer a first-call resolution, they should know that the customer would expect to hear from them. So, they should do their homework, get enough information, and give their caller an appropriate time and day for a follow-up call.

Bottom Line

Remember, having happy customers means you have a high loyalty rate. So, make sure you know these common complaints and have enough resources in house to eradicate them as much as you can.    

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