Dreams can be concrete

Somethings just are what they are. New York is one of the most amazing places you can go to, and yet it can also be one of the craziest dirtiest and horrible places. Perspective and planning is what can make or break a trip there. The first time going, what do you go for? The glitz and the glam? The lights? Marathon? School? The list of things to go there for is endless, but the experience itself can be defined just by where you are. When you’re in the midst of the giant buildings, walking down broadway, or even just going into Brooklyn or Queens. There is something different about it. I personally have had some great trips there but was never what I was expecting. The very first time ever I was walking down the street just outside of time square, late night just arriving from Cali on a red eye, and someone jumped out of an alley and said give me your wallet, I smiled and said dude, that’s a chicken bone…. he stepped back and said it’s not a chicken bone and ran back down the alley. The people I was with didn’t even understand what just happened. While it was not a big deal for me, it made a difference in how they walked in the streets of the rest of the trip. Being a kid from Oakland, it wasn’t the worst that I had seen, and I just put it in perspective that it was a city, late at night and I was out of my element, and it happens. When you look at all the perspectives that this song shows, all the places (some that I wouldn’t ever go to) that are sang about are things that can be seen very differently. Customer service is one of those same things. Inevitability, a customer goes to customer service with an expected result, whether it is a complaint, a question or just making a purchase they are expecting an experience based on the past customer service experiences, these experiences add up and eventually the person on the other end of the phone, email or chat isn’t a person anymore and just a representative of the customer service experience. Most of the time it isn’t the most positive light. With Steel Raccoon we take that into consideration when we are dealing with your customers. We know that they may not have had the best experiences in the past, but our goal is always to make sure that they leave the conversation at least understanding they were heard, and that the best resolution for both parties is going to be made. It might not be the best for the individual side but it will be understood, explained and we move towards making the next experience better, and hopefully start looking at each other as people on the same journey in a different place.

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