Almost Unknown OG

I have to admit something. I didn’t know really who Dolly Parton was until about 5 years ago. I knew she was an actress and wrote and sang that song 9 to 5. Known for breast reductions, and her big hair and fancy outfits. After my wife who was always a big Dolly fan, had said that one of her bucket list items was to go to Dollywood, I did a little more research to make that dream a reality. I know it wasn’t a big deal, and really just a fancy six flags trip, but it was what she wanted. We headed to the DreamMore Resort, which was an absolutely amazing experience and even enjoyed the park itself for the few days that we were there. Throughout the 5 years, since I found out who Dolly really was, one of the craziest things that I learned was that this song, was written and originally performed by her. The well known version of this song, people belt out, it’s got amazing timing and amazing pitch and it really is an amazing song. There is no comparison truly to the two songs, other than the lyrics and the basic melody, but knowing the back history of it, and realizing that some people didn’t even know that it was someone else’s song just seemed so crazy because it is so so well known. When we started Steel Raccoon, it was on the back of knowing the industry and being in the trenches, working side by side with some of the great marketers that are out there. Tested and true customer service training, and developing of specific in house policies to make sure that our team is always fresh and ready to go to provide the best possible customer service that is possible for your brand, and to help boost sales with your products. Having history, of knowing and diving in and getting the work done, and learning the psychology of what customer service should involve will always assure that your customers will always love you.

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