Gotham City

Rick Ross brings the best Batman inspired song since Prince taught how all how to “Batdance” in the 80’s. Jump into the “Purple Lamborghini” as the Steel Raccoon Spotify Playlist takes it a twist and turn through Gotham City. Moments into the song you’re grabbed into the story by Rick Ross declaring that he’s even better musically when he teams up with Skrillex.

We all succeed when we are paired with the right partner. You may be the Batman of advertising but without the right “Robin” at your side you’re facing the pitfalls of service alone. Does this make Killer Croc an angry customer with a missing order? Perhaps, The Joker is the customer that received your product and still initiated a chargeback? Crazy right! There are so many elements outside of your sale experience that can even overwhelm the Worlds Greatest Detective (or marketer). Poison Ivy, Catwoman, The Penguin, Two Face… They all want to disrupt your business! You want a sidekick who understands the customer elements and defending your back in all situations.

Your Business and Steel Raccoon would make an incredible “Dynamic Duo”!

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