…and the snow fell

Ending this month was a rough choice. I don’t think I went in a lot of directions that I thought I should. But I did enjoy sharing some thoughts and really trying to show ways that Steel Raccoon can help with the best customer service, create the best team, and have the best representatives for your brand and products.

This story, gives me the chills. It is an interesting representation of a mindset both somber and active. In awe of the moment and place. A few years back I took a trip to Paris, we did all the sites you normally would but one thing I really wanted to see was Jim Morrison’s grave. It’s cool that there are a few other stories that are in that cemetery but my main desire was to see the Doors lead man’s final resting spot. We ubered to the cemetery and started to walk through and see the old headstones, the many mausoleums, burial chambers and gothic graves. The amazing architecture that went into making this a special place in itself despite its gruesome facts of the departures of these people. I finally got to the location I was looking for. I walked around all the sides that I could. I couple climbed over the fence and laid some flowers and left. As I was standing there just reflecting on the music, thinking about my father and uncle that both related to the Lizard King and loved his music. I had my phone in my coat, and I opened it up and I put this song on. For 11 plus minutes the silent breeze moved through Père Lachaise, the song continued, and others came and stood around this scene. The song kept going, and the skies opened and a light flurry of snow came down, and we were blessed with an extra treat with a chill from the elements, and a chill from those that were gathered. When the end of the song finally passed I looked up and realized there were about 15 people that just stopped, listened to pay their respects and felt that moment. A few of them came up to me and thanked me for playing the song, and creating the scene that for just under 12 minutes, and just over a dozen people had something that they could fall back on and remember. With that, the end of April, and the start of something new and fresh is just ahead. Thank you for checking out Steel Raccoon and continuing with the musical journey we share with our staff, and with you. This is the end……

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