One foot on the platform, the other on the train

When I was growing up, there were 2 things about visiting my dad that I always could count on. One, that he would have a fully stocked fridge of beer and the other that he would be sitting on the couch playing his guitar. Going to age myself again here, my dad was a tinkerer he would take electronics apart “to make them better” the TV had these crazy speakers he hooked up to have surround sound (mind you this was in the early 80’s) it was really just stereo around you with a bunch of speakers. He had bought this little mixing machine from radio shack and he was able to use duel cassettes and record on one, and play what was on the other. So he one night sat there and while he was emptying that fridge, he would do the one track with the melody, the next would be the back up and then yep, he actually sang. He made this song his own, and from that day, whenever I hear it, it reminds me of him. Not the sound of it, because it was cool, but wasn’t that good but of the work he put in to use something he’s never done, and make his own recording out of nothing but his own doing. Steel Raccoon takes the technology, and pairs it with the voices that your company is looking to provide. We are the melody of a returning order, we are the rhythm that creates the foundation to avoid chargebacks, and we are the voice that tells your story.

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