Oh No! I’m bleeding

Have you ever been to a city that you just loved being in. Taken a walk through places that just made you smile. My personal city of choice has always been Seattle. My grandfather took me there when I was 16 and showed me the underground tunnels, and showed me the locks where fresh water meets salt water and vessels transfer to and from the different bodies of water. It was so amazing, just to see the different things that made the city what it became. While most people think of it as the Space Needle, and the music scene for me it was something about being the foundational area that my grandfather had when he was stationed with the Navy just outside of it. I have gone many times after that trip and it always has surprised me with something else. Whether it was art, or a new restaurant or even a hotel with a roof top view of the city scape. It never disappoints. With Steel Raccoon, something is always new. Strategies to help your visitors become customers, conversations to make sure that a customer stays a customers and sometimes just making sure that your reports are on time and showing you where improvements can be made before someone calls and asks questions. Sometimes you feel that you don’t have a partner, with Steel Raccoon your partner is like the city that loves you, sees your good deeds, and makes sure that your worries are gone, so you don’t have to lie about them.

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