Who’s got your back?

Sometimes the people that are in your inner circle aren’t exactly who they seem to be. Some people are looking for something from you, some people are there because they have nothing else to do. Someone might just want to use your notoriety for their advantage, and others just are good with having somewhere to be. When you are planning your own success, the saying is keep your friends close and enemies closer. On the other side I always just try to keep a positive influence around me and make sure that things are let go before they become a problem. I am not a big proponent of labels, and having friends, usually means that there are labels that happen. That’s my golf buddy, my dude that I work on cars with, homeboy I used to know from high school. Don’t even get started with the labels in the dating scene. In the end you have to know what it is that keeps you going forward, and what makes you stand out from just being one of the crowd. Steel Raccoon makes sure that even if there are differences that we will always be able to represent you as if we have known each other for years ,and we treat your visitors and customers the same way. The closer we can get to having positive relationships across your brand the better you will be able to see the perfect center to your circle. The list of the types of people can go on and on, but we will help them become part of the inner circle of your product.

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