Flying Free

Do we create our fate? Are we born to succeed or fail? If you were born green, and had to wait hand and foot on your sister. Would you look for a wizard to help you? Meet a best friend that is “perfect” Being different has become one of the leading draws for how to lead. Someone tells you you can’t do it, you find a way and make it your way. If someone shuns you and says you don’t belong you make yourself belong and have an even bigger following. People cheer for you when you make it to the top, you defy all the odds and become something that turns heads and that people watch out for. There might not always be a wizard available to help, but there is someone that is behind the curtains helping your company have the depth of customer service and that makes you seem like there is nowhere to go but up. Steel Raccoon provides the perfect place whether you hail from the north, south, east or west, we are there to make sure that you reach the highest place possible. No houses dropped on you, no water thrown to melt you and certainly no little dog toto will be able to keep you from defying gravity.

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