You Got Beef?

With 2 kids that went to college in Colorado, how could I not include something from 3oh3, yep that 303 runs from the cities to the mountains, seeing the rocky mountains covered in snow is something majestic that you can’t just unsee. Amazing! But as a city kid from California, taking trips there sometimes are more work than plan, and if you’ve never been on the snow, you know there is something beautiful about just open white sheets, vs the brown/black nasty plowed snow on the sides. Something so beautiful and yet, absolutely disgusting with use. There is just something about this song that is so wrong and so right at the same time. Yes, a little cheeky but at the end of the day the facts remain that if someone is putting it out there to a lot of places, and just selling to sell, there is something that can’t be trusted. Steel Raccoon chooses our clients carefully, that means that we wont take on just anyone. We want to provide a trustworthy service and help build that relationship with the customers that trust your brand and expect the best service from you and as your representative we will make sure that gap is covered.

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