Creating Your Own Competition

Flashback to 1986, Hip Hop is becoming more mainstream, and the leader in that plunge was Run DMC. This was a time where CD’s finally took over as the medium of choice over cassettes and vinyl was starting to take a backseat to these listening methods. As a kid (well soon to be adult at 16) I went to our local shop in our little town in Arizona and….. there were 2. Same album, different colors. A bold purple and green and a washed out darker pink and blue. Looking back and at the reprints and rereleases, obviously the purple and green had a bigger draw because that is still what you see. I have always wondered how many people make an additional product or have the same service, and use the same software but have a different cover on it. It’s not always having something special it’s how you wrap it and then show how special and how you stand out. They say that you can’t judge a good book by it’s cover, but if you test 2 different covers, and you can get 2 different types of people to buy, you just created your own competition and an entire new business model for one or the other of those “products” Steel Raccoon makes sure that even if you are testing, that the voice that meets the demographics that you need are going to stand out and make you look amazing. Most customer service is just cut and paste and impersonal. If this is what you are lookin’ for, you be illin’.

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