Ignoring all the warning signs

Had to throw on another Avril song. Sorry, not sorry. This was one of the first releases for the punk princess’s new album. Going back to the roots having that drive and push of a song. This whole album is one of my favorites of hers from all time. The day of it’s release I listened to it on repeat and probably hit that about 20-30 times by the end of the weekend. The best part of this song is the collaboration with a new upcoming artist and it fits seamlessly. This song in particular I felt that really relates to customer service, both with the customer and with the agent. When you have an issue it’s rough and it takes time out of your day to call or chat with an agent to get your problem solved. On the other side, an agent will answer and the disappointment and frustration just oozes from the customer to the agent and the weight from disappointment turns to anger. It’s an endless loop, you don’t usually contact customer service just to say great job or thank you for your product. Does it happen.. yes. For the most part, customer service has become the place you turn to to vent, and hope to get your way. Steel Raccoon recognizes this and has trained our agents to understand what it is like to be in the customer’s shoes. Defusing situations and creating win win’s is one of the things we pride ourselves on. We love the highs, the lows, the yes’, the no’s. We know it’s not personal, it’s just business.

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