Ain’t no one like me but me

If you know you know. This is the most bad ass raccoon and does justice to our brand. While we don’t want to dive into any copyright issue, we do want to say that Rocket would be the epitome of a representation for Steel Raccoon. Created for a purpose and found his own space. Able to put together things that you wouldn’t think was possible and has a logic with a sarcastic edge kind of attitude. First meeting him while catching a fugitive to make a buck, ends up fighting a galactic overlord’s daughter for the score and in the end becoming a family of disfunction but still managed to save the world. Then, having to escape this song becomes one of the funniest moments in the second edition of these world saving heros. Jumping through the trees and planning little traps to avoid capture, this catchy toon provides the perfect laid back track to showing getting something done in a calm and precise way. Our team at Steel Raccoon keeps the vibe going, with a great attitude, with a little bit of grit. Staying calm under fire and putting the plan together to move a visitor to a customer, or a complaint to a bigger sale. If you haven’t seen the making of this scene, it’s something else and shows the layers of a team that is needed to get the end result. Just the same as we do at Steel Raccoon.

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