Snoop D-O Double G

It was a toss up between Willie and Snoop, and in the end Snoop is going to always win. There is something about the spirit of change. When I first remember hearing about Snoop off Dr. Dre’s debut album, then sippin’ on some Gin and Juice, next thing you know he was doing some crazy colabs and became an epic icon being seen on TV, in sports, and of course his show with Martha Stewart. From the gansta Doggfather, to “baking” cakes with Martha just shows that if you stick with things, that you can find a place for you despite your past as long as you stay straight. This song itself is funny for me because when it came out I had a 12 year old daughter, innocent and sweet and never said a bad word, and yet, on every playlist she would want to include this song. Sometimes, your target market isn’t what you thought and for some reason things just speak to people differently. With Steel Raccoon we know that there are going to be different people that are going to contact you and we want to make sure that all walks of life feel supported and like family. Even if a visitor is looking for service doesn’t match the demographic we will give them the best service and do our best to meet their needs and represent your company to the fullest. Do we treat everyone like family? Fo Shizzle!

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