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I was one of those kids that liked the glam rock of the 80’s. If I am honest, I liked some of it before and there was one group that stood out a little more than others in my opinion. Starting out with chains, and leather, moving to crush the glam rock theme and still coming out with hits that weren’t sold out (so to say), but still was able hit the radio with a song or two. I was lucky enough to live in an area that they stayed in when there were on tour between cities and was able to have a few interactions with the band members and/or their girlfriends/wives at the time. It was pretty crazy, then they went on tour and blew everyone’s mind. Their drummer, strapped himself in a cage, and rose and went over the crowd and the cage literally spun upside down as he was still playing. This was the song that he did that to, and every time I hear it not only do I get the vibes of the album, but I can see him just crushing those skins while being completely inverted. If I am being honest, all of their albums with the original band members just makes me smile, but this song.. that is the reasoning. Sometimes, you have to do something different to stay on top of the competition. We strive to not only make our workplace and leaders something that you look forward to come to, and to interact with, but we also make sure that all of our teams know exactly how to represent your individual brand. We make sure that you stand out and are able to create the same vibe with your customers, approachable, helpful and trustworthy. With customer service you can just go through the motions and do the job, but with great customer service, you create a family of customers and company alike, reaching heights like no other, and always staying a little bit on the wild side.

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