Double Entendre?

Have you ever tried to impress someone with a skill that you have and wanted to see what they thought? Sports, video games? Just putting yourself out there and taking your shot to bring someone that you enjoy spending time with into your world. What happens if they are SO GOOD at it or loves it even more than you do? This song is a playful look at bringing along your loved one and showing one of your favorite things and them latching on and loving it as well. It is part of building your circle and having those go to moments that define the relationships that you have. People have their sports friends, their drinking friends, their concert friends and their fishing friends. You don’t always have one person that shares in all your likes, but you have many that fall into one or more of the things that help define you. Steel Raccoon understands niches, we understand that you are showing us, and in turn we are showing your customer the “why” when it comes to your brand. With our specialized individual training, we make sure that your special skills are displayed when we talk to your customers. Whether it’s software, supplements, physical products or just selling your personal service, we will make sure that your customers will feel unique…just like everyone else.

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