Waves Up!👌 (If you know you know)

Sending the kids off to college was a crazy thing. Yep, I am that old! We have had kids in college in Colorado, Texas, North Carolina and in California. Every one of them had a different experience. Freshman issues, finding their place and independence their Sophomore year, going abroad Junior year and graduation after their Senior year. Each campus had their own bright spots, and some their low spots might have shined a little more. Mountains, Cities, Lakes and Beaches it has been a heck of a journey. One of the kids went to this little town, where celebrities own homes, vacation. The campus overlooks the pacific ocean, and is FILLED with stairs, stairs and more stairs. The levels of where the different buildings were was insane and everywhere you were there was some sort of view. I always thought how can you study when you just want to stare into the ocean, or look at the hills and wildlife. Finding out, that it is just something you get used to because you see it everyday. You just get used to the beauty, the star struck ventures into town, and listening to the waves crash on the beach. Steel Raccoon make sure that our team has a balance of life as well as work. The customer service industry has been given a reputation of turn and burn, and having people come and go like a revolving door. We strive to give our teams something to lose themselves in, making work an oasis and a get away. Assuring that your customers are treated like celebrities and feel well taken care of, relaxed and able to continue on the journey of working with you and your brand. Getting used to optimal customer service and setting you apart from other companies in your nice.

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