Making your oldies seem like babies!

I started playing trumpet when I was in the 4th grade. Not because I had any encouragement, but because it seemed like the best thing to do to get out of class and hang around with an ‘elite” group. (in 4th grade, band is a big thing) I would get out 2 times a week for music class, and we would have events and outings that were school approved. I selected the trumpet because there were only 3 things to push down to make it make sounds, and I could quack the heck out of that mouthpiece from the beginning. Fast forward to high school, playing in marching bands, jazz bands and just the regular concert band. I had made 3 electives easy to pick and while it isn’t the same elite group as it was in elementary, everyone knew us at the football games, and we were featured at state fairs, parades and with the jazz band, we did our own little gigs throughout the small town I went to high school in. There always has been something about this kind of music that just added a skip to my step. This particular song, I was supposed to have the 2nd trumpet solo, because I wan’t about those high notes and the dude that I played with was amazing and could do pretty much anything on the horn. I practiced and got the solo down, and we never played it in front of people which was a bummer but it was something that I would hold dear to my heart even to this day. Diversity in music is a lot like the types of customers that Steel Raccoon helps. Some people are frustrated with a shipping situation, some need to know more about the product and some just need to talk . With hundreds of product and service niches, we train individual teams for each of our clients so they become experts at knowing your business and brand, just like you would hire. So if you needed someone to hit those high notes (the very end of this song), or needed someone to get jazzy with a solo and stand out, we align the perfect team to suit your customers and the way they need to communicate with you. Whether it is chat, email or phone, we have the tools and the voice to make sure you (and your customers) are well taken care of.

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