Well Told Stories Sell

This one has me smiling as well. Not necessarily because of the song itself but because of why I know it. The song is actually pretty chill, and walks you through a few different situations that happened on this particular days’ journey. I first heard of it when my son was a senior in high school, he was a little bit of a trouble maker, but over all a good kid, (what can I say, he’s my kid). Well, in 2012 him and his friends got together and made a little video for this song. It told of 3 very different stories, while it is super cheesy, it was something they did without destroying something, or having someone “have a talk with his parents”. So it all ties together between being a parent of a kid (couple kids) that were a bit of a handful, the story itself, and yep, customer service. Steel Raccoon is available 24/7, or whatever hours that your brand needs for your customers to get a hold of you. Our doors are always open, and the coffee is always on!

Special bonus link of that video —–>>: https://youtu.be/GQzJoS4VzlI

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