Don’t forget to always bring a towel!

55754 45085, does that mean something to you? If not, grab your phone and press the numbers, do it just right.. you’ll hear; “wont you take me to, funky town” yep, that’s the code that Towelie used to try to get into the government agency he was created in. You know South Park, this was one of the funniest episodes for my roommate, and we used to watch it all the town, it was the birthplace of the talking spleen, and Spleenie talked just like Towelie, only said stomach related jokes. You think dad jokes are bad, wait until you have had to endure stomach jokes. “My stomach looks exactly like it’s supposed to …It’s ab-normal” OUCH!!! .I remember this song as well when I was younger, Pseudo Echo did a 80’s rendition that brought it back to life, and actually ranked in the top 10 of 100 songs in the US Billboard Hot 100, and went crazy overseas with a #1 positioning in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Yep, Number one down under, eh. Steel Raccoon knows that dialing out means money for you and for us. We have a top team that specializes in outbound calls, helping keep your chargebacks down, increasing your purchases with partials and even helping provide upsells within welcome calls. Try it.. 55 75 4 4 50 85… gotta move on..

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