You’re making me blush!

No live sporting match goes without a handful of songs that just are perfect. 2 of them I am going to add to the playlist later, so I wont mention them, but I bet you can guess them. This one, the one they play when there is a lull in the action, and on the big screen they do a compilation of “amazing plays”, an outfielder stretching out for a huge grab, a running back juking someone out of their shoes. a point guard popping a pass with their elbow to a slam, a coast to coast goal from blue line to blue line at the buzzer. All of them, part of the perfect mix of astonished sports memories and an upbeat bubble gum song. When you hear it, you know there is something pretty cool about to be seen. Simple song, that became iconic in sports culture. Steel Racoon are icons in the compilation of amazing service and just being amazing people. Our company policy is having a balance of an awesome place to work and having the skills to make your company shine when it comes to customer service. Our team laces up and gets out there to be in the top 10 on SportsCenter, you see us.. we know you do..

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