Going in Blindfolded

The 2000’s were so crazy and the end of music videos on MTV, the show Fear (2001) on MTV was one of my favorite things to watch (short of Room Raiders, which took over the top spot a few years later) Back to the show, being blindfolded and led into ‘haunted” areas, and when the night hits, there’s a dare.. a challenge. They get background about the place they are in, to scare them more, then moved away from their “safe” place and try to get through it and collect their prize money which goes up as people drop off. Every time this song comes on it reminds me of this show, and ultimately the shows of the 2000’s which started the new viewership on “music television” With Steel Raccoon there are no surprises, there is no blindfold, and still we offer the prize, that of optimum customer service and creating a buzz that will have you screaming, WHY DID I DO ANYTHING ELSE. It’s ok, we won’t haunt you for what you did in the past… freezing feeling, breathe in, breathe in, I’m coming back again!!!

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