That Drop Tho

The first time I heard this song was in a Hot Topic, but it was the original version, when I headed to Spotify to find it i found this version and OMG it was something else. You are all chilling, then.. the fast pace high pitch voice.. go go go. then drop the base.. and Skrillex kills it. There is never a time I hear this version and I can’t feel and ultimately dance to that drop. Gives me chills. When you think about mixing something you really have to have a feel to the original and then what you can add to it. So many songs try to do a remix or collab with someone to change things up and it misses the mark. With Steel Raccoon we mix things up with high quality customer services and maintaining the integrity of your brand, that’s right we do things like you want, so there is no separation between your customer and your company, we just are there to drop the bass and give them the service they will become accustomed to from your brand.

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