Not Quite Robin Hood

You know the story of Robin Hood, so no need to explain that, my first thought always goes to the Disney cartoon version of Robin Hood. Second, I hate to say it, goes to Men In Tights, and if i HAD to think about it I guess I would go to Prince of Thieves, but only because of the song, please don’t get that stuck in my head, raspy Bryan Adams telling me that everything he does, he does for me. Then there is No More Questions. This song.. I remember playing pool at a local pizza joint, having Easy E’s CD going and this song. Interviewing Easy and asking him about life, and more. Easy keeps it real going through spitting out the answers to the questions, (if you know the song, you will know the Robin Hood reference) the thing is, Easy was over it when he was asked his “real name”. How many customers are just nameless data points for a dollar? Steel Raccoon helps make sure that your brand is real, that your customers know that they are important and most of all, knows how to make sure that when the nameless have a question…. that it gets answered. So whether you’re; rolling round the forest looking for a fight, know that everything we do, we do it for you. Choosing Steel Raccoon will assure you of having an Oo-de-Lally day!

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