Can’t Kill Our Vibe

I play this song every morning. What’s funny about that is the first time I heard it I made fun of the band. Saw them live in Seattle opening for another band, and they were a little different. Then I saw them 5 more times, over the next 2 weeks (long story), and totally got into their vibe, and really reflected on the songs instead of the image. I woke up and I think today is going to be a good day. Just knowing that every day is a fresh and new page to help others, and find a purpose. Our purpose is making sure your customers are taken care of, that when they are finished with a conversation with us, that their day will be improved. Not going to kill that vibe. Steel Raccoon is about making sure that things are always positive, looking forward and always getting better. Our team is always on the edge of something special, just like you feel about your product or service, and that’s something that just can’t be beat.

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