What an addition to our Steel Raccoon playlist! I’ve been wanting to talk about empathy for awhile now and this is the percent opportunity. I’d throw “Sorry” into the magical word category with “Please and Thank you”. Occasionally as a business, something is misunderstood or in some cases a customer was wronged. It’s so important to be able to provide a genuine apology. If you can relate to the customer from a point of understanding you can easily avoid an argument or escalation to a supervisor.

This realism is earned by being attentive to the customer and being empathetic to the situation. Taking each phone conversation as a new beginning is the mind set that we train at Steel Raccoon. These efforts are what allow us to negotiate refunds and provide clarity on a situation that we merely a misunderstanding.

You also have to be quickly available to have this conversation. A customer will not remain on hold waiting to speak to someone for long periods of time. They have become aware that in some cases it’s easier to just call the bank direclty and begin a chargeback process. At Steel Raccoon, we counter these measures through answering the phone promptly and being the customers advocate through a stressful circumstance.

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