99 Red Balloons

Before we dive into the meaning of this 80’s classic I wanted to share how its been stuck in my head the last month or so. Recently, Steel Raccoon leadership met up in Las Vegas for a business retreat. After an intense day of discussions, tater tots, and speciality vodka drinks we found ourselves attending “Tape Face” live at his residency.

It was an entertaining show but it concluded with a bit that featured this song. I won’t spoil anything since I feel that you should take advantage of going to the show if you’re in town for a convention. The memory and fun of that moment has stuck with me and I think its great to revisit memories through music.

I’m happy that 99 Red Balloons is a featured song in our playlist!

Now about the song, it focuses on the dreams that were lost after World War 2 by the German people. Many who had no control over the actions of their government but suffered the consequences nonetheless. I think it’s a nice reminder during this period of conflict that we need to really show empathy and love to everyone in the world.

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