We The People

A Tribe Called Quest are legends in the hip hop community. They returned from a long hiatus in 2016 to release their final album. I learned about this song while watching them perform on Saturday Night Live. I was immediately hooked because it’s a song about how deep down people are all the same. When we are hungry we eat and when we are thirsty we drink.

It’s a demand for equality and a reminder that people just want to be treated fairly. It’s also a huge value for Steel Raccoon. Without our powerful people we could never possibly provide the help to our clients. These agents are the backbone of our organization and we treat them with respect and empowerment.

In the end, I will judge our company success on how we have elevated others. Whether it be a front line customer service agent or the business owner that trusted us to increase their sales and be the voice of their brand.

We take people seriously and you should too!


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