Return of the King

“Here Comes the King” is the latest edition to the Steel Raccoon playlist. Join the Revolution!

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines watching a decline in customer service across all verticals. BPO Call Centers are still operating like its 2002. Most of these call centers might as well have a rotating door in the front of their office because they cannot maintain great workers. This has cascaded to the business owners as its impacting the bottom line. With a constant change of staff you’ll find that agents are thrown to the front line with little or no training.

I ask you to take a look at your records. You’ll find statistics that show your returns have increased, chargebacks are always on the brink of losing your processing and sales have plummeted on the telephone. It’s all related.

If you’ve followed me all these years, you know that I believe in the power of people. I just cannot stand by and watch this continue to happen to an industry that changed my life and I respect so much.

The King of Customer Service has returned!

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