I first learned about this song through a viral Tik Tok dance. It wasn’t long before everyone was dancing along to “Stay” for their social media following. I love this song because its upbeat and fun but has a serious side within the lyrics. Life can be very challenging and its a wonderful reminder that we are all going through our own challenges, trauma, and feelings. While I may be at the highest point in my life, someone may be experience the opposite.

Providing customer support is a gateway to the world and you must approach it with no judgement. A person could be completely irate about a minor inconvenience, however we could never guess what is the true origin of their stress. Perhaps they lost a family member recently or have been given reduced hours at work. We quickly show the customer that we have their attention and ensure that they will be properly heard. This allows us to remove unnecessary debate and move to a resolution for the customer.

At Steel Raccoon we lead with empathy first to earn trust. We treat all customers with respect and provide true care (even the angry ones).


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