Peacemaker has the Best Intro

Before we dive into today’s song, allow me to disclose that I’m a big John Cena fan. So please take that into consideration of any potential bias. Peacemaker is a TV series exclusively on HBO Max. It also has the best intro for a Television show in recent memory. Backed by this awesome song, “Do You Want to Taste It”, director James Gunn set out to create an experience that nobody would want to fast forward through.

I love this because its about creating an engaging experience. It’s memorable and joyous! Just like the experience you want to capture with your customers interaction with support. Whether its Phone or Digital Customer Service. We strive to provide that excitement and connection to the customer.

We do this by creating a winning relationship with the best agents in the United States. The opening credits of a television show sets the tone for the entire experience. In our case that starts with a warm welcome from an attentive customer support expert.

Check out the song below and bonus link to watch the opening credits of Peacemaker! (I’m sure we sparked your curiosity)

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